Rita Attended The 110th China Food and Drinks Fair in Chengdu

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The China Food and Drinks Fair (CFDF) started in 1955 and remains one of the most important trade shows. Each edition covers over 100,000 square meters, featuring 3,000 exhibitors and drawing 150,000 industry professionals and buyers. Renowned for its extensive history, vast scale, and profound impact on China's culinary and beverage landscape, this event stands out as a cornerstone of the country's food and wine industry, showcasing the latest trends, innovations, and products to a broad audience.

Rita's Exclusive Fair Experience

The 110th China Food and Drinks Fair held in Chengdu, China, from March 20 to 22, 2024. Rita company was fortunate to have the exciting opportunity to participate in this fair.

Chengdu, a bustling city renowned for its lively culture and flourishing business environment, was an ideal setting for this trade event. This chance helped Rita explore new opportunities in the F&B industry and let us connect deeply with China's market.

Meeting industry experts and enthusiasts enhanced Rita's first expo day experience. Discussing ideas with like-minded people helped Rita gain insights and build connections for future collaborations. We have had the opportunity to exchange with many Chinese and Asian customers. We will provide more details in the next section.

Rita is confident that customers will find a wealth of valuable information when you visit Rita's booth at:

Stand No.: 𝐒𝟕𝐆𝟏𝟎𝟎𝐂

Time: Mar 20th – 22th, 2024

Rita ai Chengdu Trade Fair

Rita China Trade Fair

Rita Chengdu fair

Attending the 110th China Food and Drink Fair provided Rita Company with many benefits, from networking opportunities to market insights and brand exposure.

Networking Opportunities

The CFDF provided Rita Company with a platform to connect and network with various industry stakeholders, including suppliers, distributors, retailers, and potential business partners. Through face-to-face interactions and networking sessions, Rita Company had the opportunity to forge valuable relationships and partnerships that could facilitate future business collaborations and expansion opportunities.

Market Insights and Trends

Attending the CFDF allowed Rita Company to stay abreast of the latest market trends, consumer preferences, and industry developments in the food and beverage sector. Through analyzing competitor offerings, interacting with consumers, and participating in seminars and presentations, Rita Company acquired valuable insights into evolving trends and market dynamics, empowering them to adjust their strategies and product offerings accordingly.

Product Showcase and Launch Platform

The CFDF offered Rita Company a great chance to display its products and innovations to a specific audience of industry experts and potential customers. The company emphasized its distinct features, product excellence, and range, sparking interest and enthusiasm among those present. Moreover, Rita Company could utilize the occasion to introduce new products or versions, creating excitement and drawing attention from the media and industry insiders.

Business Development Opportunities

Participation in the CFDF facilitated business development initiatives for Rita Company, including securing distribution deals, exploring new markets, and expanding its customer base. By engaging with distributors, retailers, and potential customers at the event, Rita Company could identify new business opportunities and explore avenues for growth and expansion in the Chinese market. During a recent interaction at our booth, a customer named Mr. Zhang showed keen interest in our range of coconut water products. He mentioned that he believes this product line will perform exceptionally well during the upcoming summer. Mr. Zhang emphasized the importance of being able to place small orders with Rita company, as this would enable him to effectively gauge the market demand and make informed decisions about his purchases.

Enhanced Credibility and Reputation

By participating in such a prestigious event as the CFDF, Rita Company enhanced its credibility and reputation within the industry. The company's presence at the trade show signaled its commitment to excellence, innovation, and professionalism, bolstering consumer trust and confidence in its brand and products.

Attending the 110th China Food and Drink Fair provided Rita Company with many benefits, ranging from increased market exposure and networking opportunities to valuable market insights and business development prospects. Rita Company boosted its standing in China's competitive food and beverage market by using the platform well, setting the stage for future success and expansion.

Rita at 110th China FB Fair

In particular, in May 2024, Rita company will continue to attend two essential fairs around the world:

+ Thaifex Anuga Asia, taking place from May 28th - June 01st, 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand

+ PLMA 2024 International Private Label Fair, taking place from May 28th - 29th, 2024 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

We eagerly anticipate meeting you at those upcoming fairs.

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